• The IntelliLocker is intelligent. It monitors each caller, Authorized and Unauthorized.
  • Each access (or attempt) is immediately documented and an event-notification is sent.
  • Management receives events' notifications via Text-Message (SMS) and/or e-mail.
  • Management can define event notifications' distribution lists.
  • Distribution list(s) can be placed On-Line, in secured e-mail accounts, and/or on management's server.
  • Each notification (Authorized and Unauthorized) includes the caller's identification, time and date.
  • Multiple History / Event-Log Lists can coexist in different secured sites/accounts for redundancy.
  • Audit-Trail (History / Event-Log) includes unlimited number of entries.
  • The IntelliLocker continuously monitors the the Locker's Door.
  • An alarm-event is created and sent when the door is not properly closed for an extended period.

Sample Audit-Trail/ Event-Log Entry

     Note: phone numbers were changed for security and privacy.

     From:(949)123-4567                                              Sent: Sat 7/16/2011 12:50PM
     Phone Number:17145689123
     Access Denied


First Line
-     '
From:' followed by the phone number (the ID) of the IntelliLocker reporting the event.
                                 Note the Date and time-stamp on the same line (right hand side).

Second Line
- '
Phone Number:' followed by the phone number of the caller (Unauthorized caller in this example).
                                               Reverse Phone number lookup will reveal the owner of this phone.

Third Line
-     '
Access Denied:' is the result of the unauthorized attempt to gain access to the IntelliLocker.
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