The IntelliLocker can (optionally) be purchased with a plan where for a nominal monthly fee it includes unlimited services
including multiple e-mail accounts (for posting Audit-Trail entries), cell phone text-message notifications, updates etc.

IntelliLocker is the state of the art for the pharmaceutical industry.
Its purpose is to protect and store Schedule 2
and various selected drugs.

The IntelliLocker is a fully automated system with regards to creating paper-trail identifying when it was accessed and by whom.
This feature alone (amongst others) is extremely useful in preventing drug diversion and theft.  
Accountability for these particular (Scheduled) drugs may require tremendous amount of paperwork, and associated headaches with drug enforcement agencies audit, not to mention investigative costs involved and possible fines, suspension or loss of licenses etc.

IntelliLocker system identifies and documents, not just those who accessed the cabinet, but also those who (illegally) attempted to access
(the cabinet). No other product provides this information.

1.       Enhanced drug storage and security.
2.       Fully automated paper-trail  (Audit-Trail) generation and updates.
3.       Immediate remote access to Audit-Trail from anywhere.
4.       Audit-Trail entries include identity (with time stamp) of individuals illegally attempting to access the locker.
5.       Low cost of ownership (COO) because of remote management from anywhere.
6.       Theft, fraudulant activities and drug diversion deterrent.
7.       Saving in Time and Money when DEA audit demands detailed access history information.
8.       The ability to manage and audit ALL lockers (nationwide) from a single (or multiple) locations.
9.       In the event of DEA's audit; enables the user to demonstrate control and responsibility over Controlled Substance inventory.
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