How it Works
Each Locker includes a Unique ID. This is the Telephone Number of the Locker.

    Initial Setup:

      Management (remotely) authorizes employees' access to specific Locker(s).
      This step takes about 15 seconds.
      The authorized individual adds the Locker's phone number to his/her cell phone contact list.
       Setup is complete.

    Unlocking the Locker:

                     Call the Locker (from your cell phone)

Within few seconds the locker unlocks (Buzzer sounds).

Note: The call is FREE, there is NO AIRTIME, no charge(s) will post on the cellular phone bill.

This is everything the authorized user needs to know. Can it be easier? ...... Well YES!

The easier approach:
                                    The Caller can speed dial or voice command to 'call' the locker.              

Authorized individual's cell phone must not be in restricted mode in order for the locker to verify caller's identity and grant entry. Cell phone setup includes an entry for turning On/Off the restricted mode feature.