DVR can be configured and respond to change in Alarm Input terminals' state in several ways:


When the
IntelliLocker is accessed, the DVR can respond by:
          1. Increasing frame-rate for higher image quality and resolution providing
              enhanced and detailed Video-Clip, identifying individual(s) accessing the Locker

          2. Creating an 'event' (Video-Clip) with pre-event and post-event recording

          3. Sending the 'event' as e-mail to authorized personnel

          4. Storing the event for future quick-search-and-locate

Note: The terms DVR means Didital Video Recorder. Other terms are being used for similar products:    
         NVR (Network Video Recorder), HVR (Hybrid- Incorporates DVR and NVR features), etc.
DVR's Rear Panel identifying Alarm Inputs
Plug and Play with most CCTV/ DVR systems

IntelliLocker Relay-Contacts' Terminals provide input to DVR or CCTV systems.

Most DVRs systems include Alarm Input Terminals or GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output).

Two wire-leads (from the
IntelliLocker) connect to the Alarm Terminals on the DVR.
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