01 Q. What should I do if my phone is lost or stolen?
      A. 01. Same as if you lost your credit card. Call the provider to disable your phone. It takes only seconds.
          02. Call Mgt. to disable your account. If you have an alternative phone; management can premanently (or temporatrily) grant you access privilages within seconds.
          03. See also answer to Q. # 06 below.
          04. Some companies (such as Asurion) have been offering various handset protection plans that include the ability to find lost or misplaced phones with LOCATE and

                ALARM features. LOCATE service provides you with the ability to sound an ALARM (even when the ringer is turned off) or to find it on a map and even see a visual

                history of where the phone has been and even get turn-by-turn directions to its location using the phone's GPS.

                They also allow the user to LOCK and WIPE the most sensitive data for privacy protection.

02 Q. My cellular provider changed my phone, what should I do?
A. Follow the answer to Question #01.

03 Q. I was authorized (by management) to access a locker but it (the locker) does not respond to my call.

     A. Check the setting of your phone with respect to Caller-ID. If it is disabled, proceed with enabling this feature and try again. Alternatively, check if management authorized

          your access on specific days of the week and within specific 'time-window' (e.g. on Wednesdays and Sundays between 2:00PM and 9:00PM). If you test your phone outside

          these boundaries, you are considered (by the IntelliLocker) as Unauthorized and it doesn't respond to your calls. If you still have a problem, contact management and ask

          to re-initiate your setup.          

04 Q. I am authorized to access the locker but I am off premises. My employee needs to access the Locker but he/she is not authorized. What shouold I do?

     A. Beware and be cauthious. You are taking full responsibility and liability. You can unlock the cabinet and grant access to others from anywhere in the US.

          The recorded event will identify and record you as the individual who accessed the cabinet.

05 Q. With respect to Q. #04 above, how can management identify who 'actually' was accessing the cabinet when I unlocked it remotely?
A. The on-premissed surveilance camera system's recording can identify the specific individual accessing the cabinet on specific date and time as posted on the event-log

          (Audit-Trail) of the IntelliLocker.

06 Q. If I leave my phone on my desk, can someone else use it to access the IntelliLocker?
     A. This is the same as leaving your wallet on your desk, someone else can take your money or use your credit cards. Also you don't want anyone to (illegally) place a

          long distance call from your phone. Your cell phone can be used by others and you should secure it in one or more ways. Here are few simple and practical options:

          01. Add a password to the keypad so nobody (but yourself) can place a call from your phone.

          02. When you add the Intellilocker's phone number as an entry to your contact list, add it with a real person name 'John Smith', 'Bill Berry', etc..

               Do NOT enter 'Locker' or 'Cabinet' etc. 

07 Q. I am confused; 'No Key-Lock' is posted on the main page however I can see a Key-Lock in the picture. Please explain.

      A. The Key-Lock (visible on the pictures) serves a manager (or supervisor). It can't unlock the cabinet. It was designed for the manager to LOCK the cabinet so others

          (including authorized individuals) can't access the cabinet when the supervisor is not on duty.

          The best analogy is a main water valve at a home. When it is shut, you can try to turn-on the faucet but water will not flow.

08 Q. Managing hundreds or thousands lockers from a single location can be overwhelming. Can Management be regional or by other geographic
        criteria (by location, etc)?

      A. Yes, there are no restrictions regarding how to distribute Lockers' Management. Each organization can set up (or change) their Lockers' management setup.

          In fact, management of all (or group of) Lockers can be 'floating'; Not assigned to a specific location because all Management commands are issued form a manager's

          cell phone (each includes a password as a security measure). This manager while on travel (anywhere in the US) can respond to any request within seconds.

09 Q. How does a manager know that the command he issued was properly received?

      A. IntelliLocker provides a closed-loop (Proof-Positive) communication. Once a (text-message) command is issued, it is analyzed and followed by a return Text-Message
          confirmation to the sender. This 'reply' includes the original command terminated with 'OK' as indication that the command was accepted, processed

          and the requested change took place. The complete cycle (sending the command and receiving the confirmation) takes few seconds.

10 Q. How different is the IntelliLocker Technology from others (i.e. keypad, Key-Lock, RF-ID, Magnetic Card, etc.)?

     A. The diferences are significant. Here is a partial list

          01. IntelliLocker records and identifies unauthorized attempts, other technologies can't.

          02. IntelliLocker records Audit-Trail entries On-Line and/or e-mail account(s) and/or Text Message(s), and in memory. Others record only in memory at best.

          03. IntelliLocker's Audit-Trail retrieval is simple; just log into a secured e-mail account to view and (optionally) print events. no other technology provides this feature.

          04. IntelliLocker On-Line Audit-Trail is unlimited in capacity. No other technology offers this feature.

          05. IntelliLocker can automatically provide multiple (Audit-Trail) lists, for redundancy and better fraudulant control not offered by other technologies

          06. IntelliLocker provides remote Lockers' management, not available by other technologies.

          07. IntelliLocker can (optionally) monitor and report who accessed the cabinet/locket as well as which drawer he/she pulled-out. A feture not available elsewhere.

          08. IntelliLocker monitors and reports when locker's door is not properly locked for 'too-long' as defined by management. No other technology offers this feature.

          09. IntelliLocker requires NO software, No licensing contract and has no restiction on numbers of managers.

          10. IntelliLocker provides a great deterrent effect since there is no physical and visible installed equipment (keypads, key-locks, etc) to temper with, and events are

                immediately reported on-line for immediate management access and attention. Features that enhance the complexity for illegal access attempts and slowing down

                perpetrators (allowing police more time to respond break-in to alarm signal).

11 Q. How can an Authorized individual also be Unauthorized?

      A. There are two groups of authorizations:

          01. NONE-RESTRICTED: Individuals in this category can access the IntelliLocker at any time.

          02. RESTRICTED: We call them 'Special Restrictions', or in short: 'Special'. These individuals' access is (clearly) defined to match their work days and hours.

                Example: Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 3:00PM and 9:00PM.

               These Individuals, defined as 'Special', can ONLY access the IntelliLocker as defined in their authorization.

                If they attempt to access the IntelliLocker outside their (defined date and time) boundaries, it regards (and automatically reports) them as unauthorized,

                while 'refusing' to grant them access.

12 Q. What type of cell phone is required to operate and manage the IntelliLocker (SmartPhone, regular phone, etc.)?
      A. There are two types of users:

          01. Authorized users (who just access the IntelliLocker)

          02. Managers

          Authorized Users require basic cell phones. The only requirement is to be able to place a phone call. There is no need for Data-Plan or Text-Messaging.

          A phone with these additional features, referred by some as Provisions, (i.e. text and data) will work but is not necessary.

          Managers' phone requirements are very similar to Authorized Users phone. The only functions required are the ability to place a phone call and to send (and receive)
          text messages. These two are the basic features of (almost) any cell phone. Having a SmartPhone or a phone will additional capabilities is fine but not necessary.

13 Q. How and where do I purchase the IntelliLocker?

     A. Contact your dealer for Price Quote. Various financing plans, including Leasing, are available.

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