The Intelligent Drug Locker

Cell-Phone Controlled & Managed from Anywhere

Keyless Entry Using Your Personal Cell Phone

IntelliLocker takes advantage of Cellular and Cloud Computing Technologies
IntelliLocker is remotely Managed and Controlled by secured cellular communication
IntelliLocker is quick and simple to set-up (few minutes)
IntelliLocker is operator friendly - Just dial the number to unlock (if you are authorized)
IntelliLocker automatically reports all activities (events)
IntelliLocker automatically posts activities on-line with Unlimited Capacity
IntelliLocker includes a unique ID (Telephone Number)
IntelliLocker responds ONLY to authorized callers 
IntelliLocker automatically identifies and reports unauthorized callers (in real-time)
An automated solution for:

  • Controlled Substance Accountability
  • The Ultimate Deterrent System
  • Simplifying Audits' Investigations and Outcomes
  • Drugs' Diversion Control
  • Inventory Shrinkage
  • Asset Control
  • Drug Storage